Saying Goodbye is Never Easy – Shipping a Car to College

Jun 30, 2022 | Auto Transport, Moving & Relocation

It is funny to think that while the internet is so large and populated by millions of readers, we are all closer and bonded together much closer than we think. As you read this, there are hundreds of thousands of parents, just like you, that are scrambling to adjust to a life change. You are now dreading the soon-to-come day of saying farewell to someone that we spent our lives mentoring, raising, and protecting from a large world. While this change is not permanent, it is a stepping stone to what we do not want to face. We know that deep down, it is inevitable soon enough. Our kids are growing up and beginning to embark on their own life.

Often in the company of my peers, it is common for me to say, “I didn’t read that in the parent handbook.” If you’re anything like the friends in my social group, we tend to lean on one another for good conversations pertaining to the changing events that happen in our lives. Let us face a common parenting truth: many of these changes that we all go through when our families begin to mature leave us perplexed. Some we can figure out on the fly, while others leave us stumped and seeking out advice from the ones that have seasoned these challenges.

College preparation and planning were no exception to the lengthy list of things that I was not mentally ready for. Personally, I am a planner. Being in the logistics industry, I figured that the moving parts of sending a kid off to school would be a large task, but nothing I could not handle. And you know what? I was right (with exceptions to the things I was uneducated on). It did get me thinking about our customers though, “How do we make the automotive transportation of their children’s vehicle easier?” Being in that social setting of my peers in the same boat, my phone and email would often set off during that time of need, “Hey! Can you tell me what I need to do to get this car out to California?!”

Regardless of financial planning, speaking with a school advisor, or hiring a moving company, these are all people that invest the time into you as a partner. A partner that helps make these challenging times easier on you and your family. This allows you to focus on what is important and take comfort in the people you hire. Transporting a car to college is no different. It all boils down to finding the right company and the people that stand behind it. We would like to tell you that having a support group in DASH Auto Logistics for the need to ship a car to college is the right choice. Consider us your social circle and partner in this time. Our team of dedicated and patient account managers is here to not only make this time easier for you, but we also have the experience of the life change ourselves. DASH has organized a team to take your call, answer your questions and schedule the transportation door to door while understanding the life changes with which you are dealing. We want to contribute and make one of them easier because we know that moving a child to college can be overwhelming.

Because we are a family business with life experiences like you, our college transport program is customized to accommodate your needs. We document your details with a simple two-page form and provide you with important information on the third page. DASH will assign one account manager to work with you, from start to finish, and provide anytime access to reach them. No pre-recorded phone lines, just real people with answers and solutions. From there, our team works the magic and schedules a driver. You will be notified of a date and window of time that the driver will arrive to load your car. Please note that sometimes your residential home area may not accommodate a full-sized truck and trailer. In this event, an offsite area such as a shopping parking lot may be the place to meet the driver.

We ship thousands of vehicles annually, and because of this, DASH understands the ins and outs of shipping a car to a college campus. When your unit arrives to school, sometimes there are situations out of our control. Often a driver cannot pull the auto transport truck onto campus due to either traffic from move-in day or for security reasons. If the school of choice has a delivery zone, we will schedule with you, your child or the school loading zone department for delivery. Often schools do not have this service and in that case, other meeting locations can include meeting at an off-campus location such as a shopping center parking lot nearby. Being available for the driver’s call is important, so please be sure to provide all contact information that your account manager requests.

DASH will never ask for payment up front, but rather take your payment once the unit arrives in satisfactory condition. We will take the time to educate all parties on the proper check-out and check-in process to ensure that all expectations are met. Our drivers are fully licensed, insured and vetted, making you covered in the unfortunate event of an accident. In the rare and unforeseen event of an accident, DASH provides at no extra cost a full damage claims department that works and advocates for you. We take charge of initiating the claim and making sure things get done in the fastest time possible.

To help better understand how this end of the industry works, we would like to take a moment and explain an important part of automotive transportation. DASH Auto Logistics utilizes initiative-taking measures to ensure that accidents do not happen. But in the world of planning, they can and do occur. Please take a moment to review the valuable information below, as it is important and educational that will prove to be invaluable.

An explanation of the bill of lading (BOL) process

A BOL is a contractual agreement between DASH Auto Logistics, you, and the driver. It serves as protection for you. If properly done, the BOL will outline the condition of the unit(s) at time of pick up, and at the time of delivery. In the event of claimed damages, this valuable document will serve as evidence of where responsibility falls. If a BOL is signed off by you or a representative of your company as received in good condition, damage claims can not be processed. This means the transportation costs will remain your responsibility. It is recommended that you carry insurance coverage on any unit(s) being transported to mitigate any claims that may occur.


Prior to loading, drivers are mandated to do a physical inspection with you or a member of your team on all units being transported. Any pre-existing damages are to be noted in detail on the BOL before signing and printing your name. Drivers are also instructed to take photographs of each unit; all four sides while including the top. It is highly recommended that you do the same. Driver is obliged to provide you with a shipping BOL. It is highly recommended that you request a copy.


Once the driver unloads the vehicle(s) at the time of delivery, they are mandated to do a physical inspection with you or a member of your team on all units being delivered. It is important to do a detailed inspection of the unit(s). Road grime is common during transport, so please take your time and demand that any damages found are noted on the BOL before signing and printing your name. DO NOT SIGN ANY BILL OF LADING UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED. DOING SO RELEASES THE DRIVER AND DASH FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS. Drivers are also instructed to take photographs of each unit; all four sides including the top. It is highly recommended that you do the same. The driver is obliged to provide you with a copy of the delivery BOL. It is highly recommended that request a copy. At any point you may have questions during this process, please contact your account representative for assistance. We hope that this informative automotive transport blog helps you understand how much our team puts into each order. Listening and obtaining all the necessary details and managing the scheduling properly is what goes into the job. Communication with our clients, while making you happy and secure in your choice, is our focus and passion. Please note that as fuel rates continue to fluctuate daily, the automotive industry fees change as well. Our team will provide you with the best range of prices possible that are in line with your date of requested service. Contact DASH Auto Logistics today and allow us to be your trusted partner and a part of your family’s life experience.



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